Triple 7 Inferno Slot Machine Game Review

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Who’s in for some raw, bad to the bones, and scorching reel spinning? Well, if you are the one and you definitely can take the heat of this flaming hot slot machine game, better put your chips in where your mouth is! Triple 7 Inferno is a classic slot machine from RTG (Real Time Gaming) created to bring out the devil rage in you.

Design and Gameplay

Triple 7 Inferno is a vintage slot machine full of flaming effects all around. The presentation is amazing with the black, red, orange, and yellow motif that surely brings the underworld to your screens. You will find classic levers on the side of the main reel window. The main reel window is encased in a fantastic shiny metal and the main background of the reels is, again, magnificent flames. Just above the main reel window is the pay table (again, with flames in the background) where you will find the game title and what possible combinations you can hit with their corresponding payouts.

Triple 7 Inferno Slot Machine Game Review

To start playing the game, you need to purchase credits first. The credits can be purchased by just clicking the buttons below the main reel window with denominations of $5, $25, or $100. You can purchase chips as many as you want and they can always be cashed out if you’re done playing. Once you have the chips ready, you may now place your bets by clicking the BET ONE button for a single increment of bets of coins or the PLAY 3 CREDITS button for an instant 3 coin bet. Also, take note that there is a 1,000 coin jackpot that can be hit when you play 2 or 3 coins in a single spin.

Triple 7 Inferno Slot Machine Game Review

Triple 7 Inferno Slot Machine Game Review

Triple 7 Inferno has a betting amount of $0.05 at the minimum and a maximum of $0.15 in a single spin. How the bets for classic video slot machines vary from game to game and this classic slot machine has a bit of a twist in the betting and payout scheme. Normally, you can either win the jackpot by random selection or hitting a specific winning combination but this game puts the eligibility of winning the jackpot on betting either 2 or 3 coins. This puts more challenge at stake for players to make the jackpot more worth it in winning.

The symbols in Triple 7 Inferno slot machine are the regular classic slot symbols and the theme only applies to the design of the machine itself. The symbols include the Single Bar, the Double Bar, the Triple Bar, the Red 7, the Flaming 7, and a blank. With these symbols, you can create 8 winning combinations on the reels.

The payouts will only depend on the combinations formed in the single pay line the game has.


Here are the payouts for the possible winning combinations you can hit in the game:

  • 3 blanks – 2 coins (1 coin bet)
  • Any 3 Mixed Bars – 10 coins (1 coin bet)
  • 3 Single Bars – 20 coins (1 coin bet)
  • 3 Double Bars – 40 coins (1 coin bet)
  • 3 Triple Bars – 60 coins (1 coin bet)
  • Any 3 Mixed 7 symbols – 0 coins (1 coin bet), 100 coins (2 coin bet), 200 coins (3 coin bet)
  • 3 Red 7 symbols – 0 coins (1 coin bet)/150 coins (2 coin bet)/300 coins (3 coin bet)
  • 3 Flaming 7 symbols – 0 coins (1 coin bet)/500 coins (2 coin bet)/1000 coins (3 coin bet)


Triple 7 Inferno video slot machine is a classic game from RTG (Real Time Gaming). Although it has been a notion that classic slot machine games are becoming a bit more and more boring, this one sets an exemption. This classic slot machine starts with a fiery approach on the visual presentation that hypes up the excitement with an addition of the challenging combinations.

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