Popular Ways in Live Chinese Sic Bo Bets

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Asian betting market is of course very familiar with the game of Sic Bo. This game is one of the popular games in casinos located in Asia. In fact, the game is actually played since the days of imperial China 1,000 years ago. The presence of digital technology makes popular ways in live Chinese sic bo bets be accessed anywhere by anyone to take advantage of online casinos.

Popular Ways in Live Chinese Sic Bo Bets

Sic Bo game is played using three dice. Players can enjoy a high payout on realistic result to occur. That’s what makes the game Sic Bo favored by many gamblers. Moreover, this game can also be played in a live version of a dealer at Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website that offers the sensation even more imposing than the regular game and with free bets!. You will be accompanied by the dealers bet charming that could make you complacent and forget the stakes being played.

Popular Ways in Live Chinese Sic Bo Bets

Popular Ways in Live Chinese Sic Bo Bets

Structure of the game

All the players of The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia can bet on a variety of options available on the betting table. The result of the bet will be determined based on the three dice thrown by the dealer. You just need to put a coin on the betting options available and look forward to the numbers that appear on the throw of the dice. Here are some of the main betting options contained in the game Sic Bo.

  • Big/Small.

Big means the total number of dice in the range of 11 to 17, while the Small range from 4 to 10. This is the type of bet has a probability of winning more than 45% and offers a payout of 1: 1.

  • Roll Totals.

A number that appears on the game Sic Bo. You can bet on the numbers 4 to 17. The payout is given on the type of bet is varied.

Special types of bets that are designed in accordance with the layout of the domino symbol. Payout offered on this bet type is varied.

Double is a bet on two dice which displays certain numbers in a row. The payout for betting doubles range from 8 to 11.

Triples are betting on three dice that displays certain numbers in a row. Can be used for all the numbers, it could be for specific numbers. The payout for this bet range from 24 to 31 and 150 to 180 for specific triples.

Bet on the occurrence of specific numbers on one of the dice that are used. If there are two or three dice that displays the number, then the payout will be increased.

How to win

If you want to bet long term on this game from Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site, then you should find betting options that offer the lowest house edge. In this game, the lowest house edge lies in the choice of Big / Small at 2.78%. Nonetheless, you can earn more profit by using other types of betting. Use single, double, or triple as one option to earn an additional profit from the game Sic Bo.

Basically, no single strategy that works perfectly with the game of Sic Bo. Like the game of Roulette, all results in this game is random. Therefore, you do not need to be glued to one or several numbers is a mainstay. You only need to have a set of methods to bet that guides you to place bets on the box provided. Fortunately, the payout to be held on the game of Sic Bo is much larger than most gambling games. You may only need one big win to be able to get a special profit from the game Sic Bo.

You should also use effective methods of money management and to minimize the loss. That way, you can keep playing without running out of money. Bankroll played the key factor to make you survive in the long term. Most importantly, you have to stay focused on the dice played by the dealer. Do not gaze too long at a dealer. They must appear attractive to distract you from the game.

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