Operation: M.Y.O.W. Slot Machine Game Review

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Old slot machines doesn’t necessarily mean obsolete and unexciting. Operation: M.Y.O.W. bends it all with its Next Pay Table option to keep the excitement rolling. The game is a classic slot machine from RTG (Real Time Gaming) with all the fundamentals of a slot machine and the touch of a classic finish with a twist!

Design and Gameplay

The game has a standard classic look observable from many RTG (Real Time Gaming) works. On the screen, you will see the classic slot machine with steel levers on both sides to add to classic feel. Just above the main reel window is the pay table where you can base your winnings. On the main reel window, which is constructed in a classic shiny metal casing with old-school buttons for CASH OUT, BET ONE, SPIN REEL, and PLAY 3 CREDITS, you’ll find the 3-reel and single pay line setup. The overall presentation looks nice for a classic ambience. The graphics are very detailed as well. Lastly, the sound effects are awesome every time you switch pay tables.

Operation: M.Y.O.W. Slot Machine Game Review

Before you can start playing the game, you need to purchase chips in denominations of $5, $25, and $100. You also need to select your coin values from $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1, or $5. Once all the purchases are done, you may now place your bets by either selecting the BET ONE button for a single increment of values or instantly place the maximum bet by clicking the PLAY 3 CREDITS. This betting method gives you a minimum bet of $0.05 and a maximum of $15 in a single spin.

Operation: M.Y.O.W. Slot Machine Game Review

Operation: M.Y.O.W. Slot Machine Game Review

Top Fixed Payout

The game’s symbols that can give out the top payout is the Catzilla symbol, which can be found in the Catzilla pay table. This symbol can give out 5,000 coins given that you bet on a maximum 3 coins. Next to the Catzilla that can give out generous payout is the Lucky Cat symbol that can give you 1,500 coins. The Lucky Cat symbol can be found in the default pay table.

Pay Tables

This is the game’s twist for a classic slot machine setup. It contains five different pay tables that you can select and each pay table has its own winning combinations. All these five pay tables contain the same symbols but with different winning combinations. Each pay table also has different payouts and normally, the pay tables with low payouts are easier to accomplish making the game very versatile as you can personalize how you want the flow can be – low-stakes or high-rolling.

There are five pay tables and the first one is the Lucky Cat. The payouts in this table are as follows.

The Lucky Cat Pay Table (for 1-2-3 coin payouts):

  • 1 Lucky Cat symbol (2-4-6)
  • 3 Blanks (3-6-10)
  • Any 3 Cat signs (5-10-25)
  • 2 Cat signs (32-64-100)
  • 3 Rising Sun signs (32-64-100)
  • 3 Dragon signs (80-160-250)
  • 3 Lucky Cat signs (400-800-1500)

The Kung Fu Kitty Pay Table

  • 2 Asian signs (1-2-5)
  • 2 Flower signs (3-6-10)
  • 3 Asian signs (3-6-10)
  • 3 Flower signs (8-16-25)
  • 2 Fish signs (16-32-100)
  • 3 Fish signs (32-64-100)
  • 3 Kung Fu Kitty signs (320-640-1000)

The King Pay Table

  • Any 3 signs (1-2-4)
  • Any 3 Cat signs (8-16-25)
  • 3 Catzillas(16-32-50)
  • 3 Kung Fu Kitties (16-32-50)
  • 3 Bat Cat signs (16-32-50)
  • 3 Lucky Cat signs (16-32-50)
  • 3 The King signs (240-480-750)

The Bat Cat Pay Table

  • Any 2 Cat signs (1-2-4)
  • any 3 signs (1-2-4)
  • 3 Blanks signs (1-2-4)
  • Any 3 Cats(2-4-5)
  • 1 Bat Cat symbol (2-4-6)
  • 2 Bat Cat signs (6-12-18)
  • 3 Bat Cat signs (16-32-50)

Catzilla Pay Table

  • 3 Asian signs (16-32-50)
  • 3 Blanks (25-50-75)
  • 3 Flower signs (65-128-200)
  • 3 Fish signs (96-192-300)
  • 3 Rising Sun signs (128-256-400)
  • 3 Dragon signs (160-320-500)
  • 3 Catzilla signs (1600-3200-5000).


The Operation: M.Y.O.W. slot machine game is a very versatile game that breaks the notion of classic games being a lackluster. This game incorporated a very unique and effective way to keep the excitement rolling by adding 5 different pay tables to choose from. This scheme is also very effective in suiting whatever type of player might come in, from the low-stakes casual players to the big time high-rollers.

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