Mid-Life Crisis Slot Machine Game Review

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Ever felt like you haven’t achieved what you planned to have when you were still younger? Or are you losing self-confidence because the emotional factors affecting your life? And are you at your 40’s going to your 50’s? Then you should start playing this game to relieve yourself of stress and forget about that phase in your life that’s making you worried.

Mid-Life Crisis Slot Machine Game Review

Design and Gameplay

The game has a simple design good for pastimes and maybe even a shift from the nowadays-common extravagant looks. The game has a winding road in the middle of green plains in the background. The main reel window is pretty simple with just a white background. The symbols are fine with clear details and the music background sounds cool like something from the 70’s.

The symbols you can find in the game are all based on a man’s ideal lifestyle as he reaches 50 years old. This includes the Sport Car, the Boat, the Money Clip, the Bike, the Viagra Pills, the Parachute, the Hot Tub, the Bling, the Midlife Man, the Hairpiece, the Brunette, the Blonde, and the Redhead. These symbols are used to create winning combinations wherein you have to line-up similar symbols in an activated pay line to receive a payout. Among these symbols are top paying ones which starts with the Boat for 3,200 coins, the Money Clip for 2,000 coins, the Motorcycle for 1,500 coins, and the Viagra Pills for 1,000 coins.

Mid-Life Crisis Slot Machine Game Review

Mid-Life Crisis Slot Machine Game Review

To start playing the game, you need to place in your bets. The bets are set to only $0.25 with the option to select from 1 to 5 coins per spin. The game has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 9 pay lines to select from, giving you the choice to bet from $0.25 up to $11.25 per spin. This type of betting range would be fine for players with low-betting style up to the mid-range casual players. The game’s betting amount per spin was limited by the 9 pay lines to choose from and the fixed $0.25 bet. But one good thing about this bet amounts is that it can be easier for you to get the progressive jackpot since its requirement is to bet maximum for all the 9 pay lines at 5 coins each. So, that would only cost you $11.25 for a chance to get the jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot

The game’s Jackpot is a $100,000 Sports Car. In order to get this, you need to land 5 Sports Car symbols in any active pay line on a maximum bet. For your option, you also just select the $100,000 prize money.

Special Features

The game has a special feature in store for you. Landing the 3 lady symbols will launch the Pick Your Poison mini game. The three ladies are the Brunette, the Blonde, and the Redhead. This special feature bonus game can be triggered by just the three ladies regardless of the bet amount or number of pay lines you have bet on.

In this bonus game, you get to select an adventure to play on. And by winning the adventure, you get a prize of up to 4,000 coins.

The game also has Scatter symbols that give out Scatter bonuses. The symbols that represent the Scatter symbol are the Bling, the Midlife Man, and the Hairpiece. Landing these three at the same time anywhere on the reels will give you a Scatter win. This symbol’s reward will depend on how many Scatter symbols you are able to hit. You can win up to 350 coins on a “Bet Max” spin.

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