Medal Tally Slot Machine Game Review

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Prepare your Gatorade for an exhausting challenge in this Olympic-themed slot machine game. Utilize the players (or symbols) to achieve that gold medal (or jackpot coin) that everyone is competing for. Warm your fingers up and get ready to spin the reels to bring home the bacon!

Design and Gameplay

The game has an Olympic theme that features different sports held at the Olympics. The overall presentation is very impressive with nice graphics and well-balanced colors that are not eye-torturing like other video slot machine games. In the background, you will find the track & field stadium jam-packed with people. The sub-windows that contain the balance, bet, win, and jackpot amounts are in a dark blue color that came with a nice wreath. The main reel window is a plain and beautiful sandstone color bordered by a blue rope. Lastly, the symbols are in fantastic details, all for the people characters, Olympic items, and card symbols.

Medal Tally Slot Machine Game Review

To start playing the game, you must place your bets first for the pay lines. The game’s bet amount is fixed at $1 in a single spin and you will be required to place bets for all of the 25 pay lines. Once ready, you may now start spinning the reels by clicking the SPIN button. If you feel like you can get better winning combinations by manually stopping the spinning reels, you may do so by simply clicking the STOP button.

The symbols included in the game are all based from the Olympics. The symbols you’ll find are the Medals, the Feature, the Runner, the Cyclist, the Swimmer, and the Stadium. The other symbols included are the regular 52-card deck playing cards 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A.

Medal Tally Slot Machine Game Review

Medal Tally Slot Machine Game Review

High Paying Symbols and Special Features

The game’s highest paying symbols can give you enormous amounts of fixed payouts reaching up to 10,000 coins. This 10,000 coin top payout can be achieved by hitting 5 Medals symbols in an active pay line. The other high paying symbols are the Runner, the Cyclist, the Swimmer, and the Stadium with 5,000, 2,000, 1,500 and 1,500, respectively. Please also take note that the top paying symbol which is the Medals symbol is also the Wild symbol that can substitute to any other symbol in order to complete a winning combination in an active pay line.

Medal Tally also has a special feature game that can be triggered by the Feature symbol which acts as the Scatter symbol. The special feature game is actually a Free Spins game. Hitting 3, 4, or 5 Scatter symbols will give you 10, 15, and 20 free spins, respectively. In addition to those free spins, each spin will also have a 3x payout multiplier. During the Free Spins mode, if a Medals symbol shows up on the reels, it will determine your total bonus reward after the Free Spins mode ends. These bonus rewards will be scored on how many Medals symbols you have obtained. If you get 4 or less Medals symbols, you can get a maximum of 5x multiplier for your bet. But if you hit 45 and above number of Medals symbols, you can get as much as 1000x for your payout!

Progressive Jackpot

The game has a progressive jackpot in store and is growing rapidly. This big chunk of prize is being added up with funds coming from every player’s bets. This jackpot has everyone’s eyes razor-sharp focused because of its large amount and the fact that you have to collect at least 50 Medals symbols while in the Free Spins mode to win this. This may sound like a laborious task but it’s definitely worth it!

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