Forest Of Wonders Slot Machine Game With Free To Play

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One slot game is taken from the fiction story and film is the Forest Of Wonders Slot Machine Game With Free To Play. When hearing the game, you will feel familiar with it. Yes, you must know about this title. Alice in Wonderland is an amazing game you can choose in Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. This is a kind of the online slot game in Forest of Wonder from the Alice of Wonderland legend.

Forest Of Wonders Slot Machine Game With Free To Play

Like mentioned before, Forest or wonder game is a game with the Alice in Wonderland theme. This theme is used when especially Alice has the journey in the forest and he meets many animals and the unique people.

The background of this game is the forest theme. The title is completed by the blue firefly in the middle of the dark green forest. From the all of the screen, there is the machine slot with 5 reels. Every reel has 3 cards or pictures

Forest of wonders slot machine game with free to play to earn money

Forest Of Wonders Slot Machine Game With Free To Play

Forest Of Wonders Slot Machine Game With Free To Play

There are some interesting and wonderful pictures. This slot game uses the standard symbols such as the cards with 10, J, Q, K, and A. Then, there are the symbols that are so interesting. It becomes the funny soldier that wears cloth such as in the Alice in Wonderland film.

Besides those funny cards, you also can find many animal pictures and the people that are illustrated in the interesting animation made by Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins. Those cards are the Mad hatter, His hire cat a caterpillar, and also March Hare. One kind that is in this game is Dormouse that is sleeping. It is a kind of the wildcard. Then, there is the mushroom card. It is a kind of the bonus card. Then, there is the scatter card in rabbit picture card.

The kind of the bonus at Forest of Wonders game

From the explanation about the cards that have mentioned before, you may be able to guess about minimum 2 cards used for getting the bonus. Yes, you are right. In playing the Forest of Wonder, there are three kinds of the bonus you can get. Those bonuses are:

The first one is the mushroom card bonus. The mushroom card symbol is a kind of the cards in this game. If you want to get it, you will find minimum the card symbols in the mushroom cards in three. Then, when you are lucky, you will find that there are 12 mushroom pictures. You will get the prize in total betting 4 or 5 mushroom pictures, so you will be able to get the value in 3 or 10 times.

The free spin reels are the second bonus you will get from Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android. The free spin is on a reel without paying some money. This is the bonus you can get with getting the white rabbit’s pictures minimum in three. It includes the scatter symbol. Your duty is choosing one of the symbols or the white rabbit pictures card, then you will get the free spin showed that card. Unfortunately, there is no the multiple betting in this game.

The jackpot bonus

For you that want to get the jackpot bonus, you just need to for pushing an enable button to the right of the screen game. The jackpot bonus is available in this game. There is the progressive jackpot. It is a kind of the slot game where you should choose 5 numbers. If those numbers have are same as the result of the slot machine game, you will get the prize.

This is about the Forest of Wonders information. After reading it, hopefully, you will get the big spirit in playing the game.

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