Antoine Griezmann: The Youth Reject to France Leading Scorer

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Antoine Griezmann is a professional football player who plays for France football team and Spanish club Atletico Madrid as a forward. He is also now the leading scorer in Euro 2016 for leading France into the final against Portugal but the irony is, nobody was able to recognize his hidden talent from the very beginning.

Being a small kid, he was forced to leave the National team in order to pursue his dream. Now, the passionate Antoine Griezmann carries the Nation’s hope for scoring the highest number of goals in the Euro 2016. The 11 years old waved goodbye to his parents in order to pursue a career regarding which many told him that he would never be able to fruition.

Antoine Griezmann: The Youth Reject to France Leading Scorer

In France football team, there was no space for him on the grounds of small height and slight frame. This remains a permanent stumbling block for him. Plenty of other renowned football players such as Lionel Messi and Luka Modric were also subjected to this type of humiliation but they proved everyone wrong through their hard work and level of dedication to football. Antoine Griezmann also went on the rampage.

Antoine Griezmann: The Youth Reject to France Leading Scorer

Antoine Griezmann: The Youth Reject to France Leading Scorer

As France faces Portugal in the final of Euro 206 at Stade de France, the name of Griezmann remains of the lips of everyone being the best player of the tournament. So it would not be wrong if we could say that size does no longer matter. His six goals in the tournament have sparked France into the final of Euro 2016. He is the football player now every youngster wants to become, he is the top goalscorer every European clubs covet and the man who live up to the expectations of his beloved ones. He is a real example of perfectionist.

Rejected when he was young from football clubs

He was rejected again and again from the football clubs as a child who cited his small height for the rejection. Sochaux, Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Auxerre were the following clubs that turned him down but each time, he pick himself up, walk into the field and score more goals into the face of haters. There was no one who could be there to support him except for his parents, Alain and Isabelle who always have faith in him and supported them at every opportunity.

However, he was given a chance only at Real Socieded where his brilliant performance led everyone to realize his talent. The man who has given him a chance at Real Socieded was Olhams who just took 10 minutes to decide whether he was worthy enough for the selection or not. Olhams stated that Antoine Griezmann has an inner force of impressive surviving mentality.

Olhats remembers that he had taken a shy teenager who started to live with him just one hour drive away from the San Sebastian. Griezmann remained with him for six years where Olhats provided him education and an opportunity to learn spanish language which could increase his chances of success. Griezmann made an enormous sacrifice of staying away from his home for several years but his sacrifices did not go to waste.

Debut on the senior team Real Sociedad

After an impressive performace, he made his debut for the senior team of Real Socieded following the 1-0 win against Villareal in 2010. In the same period, he was also a part of the U-19 French team who has won the European Championship as well on the home soil. His efforts continued to make a progress for him  due to which he had moved to Atletico Madrid for $33 Million and also made his debut for the senior French football team in 2012 against Brazil.

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